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Sugar and Spice…

…for those who knows me I have rather a sugary tooth. I mean it, I can eat loads and loads of sweet stuff without being sick. Okay that it’s a bit far fetched but I do have to cut back on it as diabetes kinda ran in our family and that is the last thing what I want to happen. But there is nothing more erotic dipping my fingers or fruits like strawberry in a fondue…and licking it off. Or if I am feeling frisky I sure love to be covered in chocolate and be licked…get all sticky afterwards that you need a shower! I definitely need to do that type of shoot, I just hope I don’t get carried away! lol!

In the summer I am busy helping my cousin who is a photographer, mainly for wedding events and all the wedding cakes and savoury that I have eaten and champagne I drink – my favorite tipple. I rarely take photos of the event as the day goes by rather quickly of either being hectic or completely mad. I have yet to attended an ‘unusual’ wedding that would blow my mind away as they tend to stick to original classic wedding theme. The most unusual for me is an Indian wedding where it’s obviously very different to what I am accustomed to but the food is delicious though.

I sometimes get marriage proposals but I am not sure if wedding suits me…maybe… :)

I do have to watch what I eat if am doing photo shoots, it can be an inconvenience but you know everything in moderation I say.

Anyways here are some more photos of the stuff I got from Hyper Japan which I all love and can’t wait to use for a nice Lolita-Anime-Cosplay style themed of photoshoot.

I didn’t get much sleep last night I think that The Conjuring film got through to me that I even kinda dreamt about it. I dreamt I had a gorgeous house to live in but I wasn’t sure if I should move in as it had ‘The Conjuring’ bits on it…weird!

In my last blog I asked if anyone had ever had a weird dream…I do’t mean me but they are sure explicit…

So this is kinda short as I might get an early night.

See ya later


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